MetaSoccer Player Analytics

6/25/2022 metasoccer p2e feature

Explore analytics about MetaSoccer players. View total players, how many players have special abilities, and much more.

We have introduced new pages with reports and analytics for MetaSoccer at Moving forward, we aim to provide more data and insights that will help club owners, managers, and players to make decisions.

With new players being minted everyday in the MetaSoccer universe, keeping track of the total players, the types of players, and the overall composition of the market is important, especially when deciding which scouts to send out.

Player Analytics can be found here

Charts and tables are also provided to identify the distribution of players in the various Overall and Potential ranges.

Ever wonder which special abilities are rarer than others? We now provide charts and tables that list special abilities and their player distribution.

Player and Scout Holders

There is also a page now that lists the wallets addresses of all MetaSoccer Player and Scout holders, together with their balances of each. The page can be found here

If you have any other charts or reports in mind that you think could benefit fellow managers and club owners, feel free to reach out or comment at our official twitter.